Monday, March 26, 2012


The Gospel Brunch (Music) with Miss Angel 03/25/2012 10:00AM to 12:00PM
Woody Guthrie “Jesus Christ”
Ernest Tubb “STAND BY ME”
Hoyt Axton “This Little Light”
Rev. John Wilkins “Let The Redeemed Say So”
Sensational Skylights “Jesus Is Sweet To Me”
Lucky Four “Swing Down Sweet Chariot”
Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger “Run, Come See Jerusalem”
Radio Four “How Much I Owe”
The Vine Sisters “Glory Glory”
The Dynamic Gospel Flames Of Griffin, Georgia, Charles Duke, Ruben Benton, Jerry Respress, Lacy Lucier, William Lucier, Don Lucier, “ON MY WAY”
The Abyssinian Baptist Choir “You've Got to Bear the Consequence”
Elton John “Religion”
Hoyt Axton “Joy to the World”
Elton John “Spirit in the Sky”
Diana Ross “Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)”
Aretha Franklin “Mary, Don't You Weep”
The Dynamic Gospel Flames Of Griffin, Georgia, Charles Duke, Ruben Benton, Jerry Respress, Lacy Lucier, William Lucier, Don Lucier, “God Is Blessing Me”
The Harlem GospeLive Revue “PRAISE HIM”
MC Hammer “PRAY”
True Loving Five “Lord, Hold My Hand”
Amazing Farmer Singers of Chicago “I Got A Telephone In My Bosom”
The Five Trumpets “Preach My Word”
Utica Institute Jubilee Singers “Peter On the Sea”
Leon Pinson “What God Can Do Let The Redeemed”
Lucky Four “So Glad I Got Good Religion”
Sweet Honey In the Rock “Run, Run, Mourner Run”
Soweto Gospel Choir “Holy City/ Bayete (Medley)”
Albertina Walker “How Do You Feel”
Eric Clapton & JJ Cale “Ride the River”
The Gospel Wonders “GOOD”
Otis clay “Every Road (Got to End Somewhere)”

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Thanks for being curious about the music we play...keep on listening!

The Gospel Brunch (Music) with Miss Angel 03/18/2012 10:00AM to 12:00PM
 The Pogues “If I Should Fall From Grace With God”
 The Canton Spirituals “Been Good”
 Randy's Spiritual “Last Mile of the Way”
 Heavenly Gospel Singers “Heavenly Gospel Train”
 Marie Knight & Sister Rosetta Tharpe “Did Not It Rain”
 Rance Allen “Up Above My Head”
 Rod Stewart & Long John Baldry “Up Above My Head”
 The Violinaires “What He Done For Me”
 Lemmie Battles “The Saints Will Be Going Home”
 Wilson Pickett “Ninety-Nine and One-Half”
 The Violinaires “Solid Rock”
 Charley Pride “Jesus Hold My Hand”
 Dolly Parton “Not Enough”
 Robert Blair and the Fantastic Violinaires “I Hear You Knocking (Live)”
 The Voices of Citadel “That's What He's Done”
 Kenton Rogers & The Williams Brothers “Hold To God's Unchanging Hand”
 Eric Clapton “If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day”
 Bruce Springsteen “O Mary Don't You Weep”
 Cahalen Morrison “On God's Rocky Shore”
 Heavenly Gospel Singers “PRECIOUS LORD, TAKE MY HAND”
 Soul Stirrers “Nearer To Thee”
 Randy's Spiritual “Fly Away”
 The Pilgrim Jubilees “ILLUSION”
 Slim & The Supreme Angels “He's The Way”
 UB40 feat. The United Colors of Sound “Swing Low”

Calendar of Events - March 18th, 2012

1.  12:00pm - Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club Show & Swap - where you can check out some old school rides and maybe find what you need for yours.  O'Connor Fieldhouse @ 2207 Blaine St. in Caldwell, ID.

2.  3-4:30pm - Nutrition Detectives is hosting an educational program for children grades 2-5 that teaches better food choices and more healthful eating through knowledge of food composition.  This program teaches food label literacy, and provides the skill to see past food marketing deceptions.

3.  4-5:30pm - TRICA (Treasure Valley Institute for Children's Arts) presents Family Disco Dance Party & Tour - with dance lights, disco ball, fog machine, bubble machine, disco music provided by the Vinyl Preservation Society.  There will be go-go dance platforms so you can show off your dance moves and Mr. John will be teaching disco dance moves.  1406 Eastman Street in Northend Boise.

4.  5-8:00pm - Flicks Movie Theatre - "Between the Earth and Sky"...with introduction by Dr. Thomas Burke, Harvard Committee for African Studies and Director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Division of Global Health and Human Rights. Dr. Burke’s efforts through his Division have been principally focused on women and children’s health... and human rights. Current and recent past programs include efforts in Zambia, Liberia, Southern Sudan, Mali, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

On July 9th, 2011 South Sudan became the 193rd nation in the world. This sub-Saharan nation is the size of France without a single paved highway. With the highest maternal mortality rate in the world, the country has less than 50 licensed doctors for its 10 million people. 400 medical students are struggling to become the first generation of South Sudanese doctors. This is their story.

All proceeds donated to the medical students of South Sudan. Admission is $10.

5.  4pm @ Bricolage - Jess' print, bike, build, "shave my head for a fundraiser" FEST - It's a :: F U N D R A I S E R :: to
watch Jess (Tornga) shave her head to raise money
to bicycle across the country raising money
and awareness for Affordable Housing!

... * live music by Karen Kohtz
* food
* art
* head shaving [bid to shave Jess' head in the style of your choosing.
this will happen at 6 p.m., sharpish.]
* on-site screen printing of a bicycle image [bring shirts and stuff to
print on!]
* fun

$5-$10 donations are highly suggested and V E R Y much appreciated.

From Jess:

"This summer I will be riding my bicycle with 30-ish other strangers [soon-to-be friends] across the US from Charleston, SC to Santa Cruz, CA 5/23-8/17 with a group called Bike & Build. We will be biking to raise money and awareness for the Affordable Housing need in the US. We will spend 17 days working at housing sites along the way, as well as giving presentations at each city/town we stop in.

So why have a fundraiser? I have to raise $4,500 by 5/23
So why shave your head? It seemed like a fun idea."

my route:
my Cyclist Profile:
my Fundraising blog:

6.  March 20 & 21st - Boise Rock School Celebrates their end of session gig at the Linen Building 4-9pm, with a special performance by Idaho Shakespeare Festival's School of Theater on March 21 @ 7pm.

Spring Equinox - Tuesday, March 20th


The Gospel Brunch (Music) with Miss Angel 03/11/2012 10:00AM to 12:00PM
 The Prisonaires “If I Were A King”
 Randy's Spiritual “Redeemed”
 The Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, GA “Fly Away”
 Mavis Staples & Lucky Peterson “DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE”
 The Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, GA “Old Time Religion”
 The Washington Singers “I'm In His Care”
 Randy's Spiritual “Good Religion”
 Inez Andrews “Numbers”
 Christy Baron “Happy Birthday”
 Harry Belafonte “In That Great Gettin' Up Morning”
 Bobby McFerrin “THE GARDEN”
 Randy's Spiritual “Not Uneasy”
 Ned Wright and the Belafonte Singers “Didn't It Rain ?”
 In Memory of Stella Burke “Already Been In The Water”
 Poena “White Mountain Beauty” New
 Jesse Sykes “Come To Mary”
 Patty Griffin Feat. Ann McCrary, Regina McCrary, Jim Lauderdale “Move Up”
 The Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, GA “Will God Welcome Me”
 Johnny Cash “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Swing Low, Sweet Chariot)”
 Brady "Doc" Barnes & Lucy Barnes “WALK WITH ME”
 The Mountain Ramblers “Baptizing Down By The Creek”
 Tia Blake “Plastic Jesus”
 Mountain Blue “Roll Back The Stone”
 Cordelia's Dad “The Traveler”
 The Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, GA “Shine On Me”
 Trin-i-tee “LISTEN”
 Keith Pringle “Shall Abide (Psalm 91) (feat. Karisma Evans)”


The Gospel Brunch (Music) with Miss Angel 03/04/2012 10:00AM to 12:00PM
 Randy's Spiritual “Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around”
 Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, Georgia “That Old Time Way”
 The Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, GA “DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE”
 Randy's Spiritual “Hold On To God's Unchanging Hand”
 Chuck Wagon Gang “BRINGING IN the SHEAVES”
 The Golden Gospel Singers “Jesus Keep Me”
 The Florida Boys “I Feel Like Traveling On”
 Carolina Chocolate Drops “Read 'Em John” New
 The Golden Gospel Singers of Decatur, GA “GOOD NEWS”
 Triumphant Quartet “When The Trumpet Sounds”
 The Nelons “We Shall Wear A Crown”
 The Kingdom Heirs “He Locked the Gates”
 The Jordanaires “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”
 The Golden Gospel Singers “All Alone”
 Randy's Spiritual “Oh My Lord, Thank You”
 Van Halen “Stay Frosty” New
 Washington Phillips “Denomination Blues Part 1”
 Two Gospel Keys “I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore”
 Blind Mamie Forehand “Wouldn't Mind Dying”
 Reverend Charlie Jackson “Wrapped Up and Tangled Up In Jesus”
 Sensational Six Of Alabama “Study War No More”
 Victoria and Thelma Hawkins “My Last Time”
 Silver Gate Quartet “Watch That Rogue”
 The Robinson Singers “Sit Down Servant”
 Southern Travellers “Jesus Will”
 Dixon Singers “Saved And Sanctified”
 Union Gospel Singers “Jesus On The Line”
 Bothers and Sisters of L.A. “All Along The Watchtower”
 The Relatives “Let's Rap”
 Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir “Like A Ship”
 Rev. Louis Overstreet “Getting Richer (Live)”


The Gospel Brunch (Music) with Miss Angel 02/26/2012 10:00AM to 12:00PM
 The Blind Boys Of Alabama “I'm Journeying On”
 Sister Wynona Carr “Lord Jesus”
 Arizona Dranes “I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go”
 Dorothy Love Coates “He's Calling Me”
 Spirit Of Memphis “God's Got His Eyes On You”
 The Winans “Restoration”
 Johnny Cash “He'll Understand And Say Well Done”
 Nina Simone “Sinnerman (Edit)”
 Marian Anderson “Everytime I Feel The Spirit”
 The Stars of Joy “Help Me Lift Jesus”
 Unique Sons of Faith “I Thank You Lord”
 Mighty Clouds of Joy “Pray For Me”
 Dorothy Norwood “Stand On the Word, Pt. 2”
 Sister Wynona Carr “Dragnet for Jesus (Take 1)”
 THE PILGRIM TRAVELERS “I'm Standing On The Highway”
 Sensational Nightingales “Burying Ground”
 The Tennessee Gospel Society “Jesus On The Mainline”
 The Dixieaires “Christ's ABCs”
 The Caravans “I'm Ready To Serve The Lord”
 Clara Ward “Somewhere”
 Swan Silvertones “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine”
 The Fairfield Four “Dig A Little Deeper”
 Harry Nilsson “I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City”
 Neil Diamond “Thank the Lord For the Nightime”